25.02.2024 | 12:54

Mr. Davor Milošević, a native of Pula, is very proud of the first Croatian wooden gun, that originates from one of the pioneers of spear-fishing, Mr. Kočevar, who had made the mentioned gun in the early sixties.

Drvena puška bez glave Drvena puška s glavom
Wooden gun is made of trilamate of noble wood; moreover, it is put together by a special resin and polished with high quality varnis.
All the guns have an engraving as well as a serial number needed to obtain a lifetime guarantee. Everything else is a forgery!
The LIFETIME GUARANTEE refers  to the body of the gun; all the other elements used in the manufacturing of the gun we obtain from the acknowledged manufacturers of the diving gear.
The length of the body of the gun varies from 80 up to 110cm, but can also be made to order from 70 up to 130 cm.