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Direktor tvrtke Neptun d.o.o. - gosp. Davor Milošević
The founder of is Mr. Davor Milošević.Mr.Milošević was born in Pula in 1954. He is engaged in diving for the last 37 years.
The company was found in 1989.
The company deals with manufacturing and service of diving equipment. A diving school for all professions and categories- from sports and recreational to tech diving is also a part of .

We also provide diving counselling, underwater footage and complete equipment for diving centres that deal professionally  with diving. Well known and acknowledged credit and loan banks are providing finance for the projects.Mr. Milošević is also a diving instructor  of CMAS-HRS, NAUI-American national association of instructors, PSA of Europe-professional association of instructors of Europe, DAN of Europe,DAN Alert Network Europe. As an expert in underwater world he's also been working as an educator of  divers since 1996.
He cooporates nowadays with several institutions,museums and faculties in Croatia. He has also been a longtime underwater  cameraman   for the Croatian national television. He is a member of several international and Croatian underwater expeditions, always acting on the side of protection of underwater areas: archeology, flora and fauna.
Mr.Milošević is engaged in diving for over 37 years.The result of a longtime dealing with spear- fishing is the first Croatian wooden gun which   manufactures in several models.
Since 1996.we provide education for divers of all kinds, categories and professions;we deal with manufacturing and trade  of diving gear.  Authorized service of diving equipment is an element which closes the circle in diving business as one of the most important in Croatia.

Diving instructor Mr.Davor Milošević is always at your service offering you his wealth of experience.